Activyl for Dogs

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Activyl for Dogs

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what is Activyl for Dogs?

Activyl is an excellent, monthly topical solution for fleas. It uses a unique scientific technique to eliminate fleas, flea eggs and larvae thus disrupting the entire flea life cycle.

It is a water fast treatment that ensures complete flea control even after the pets become wet. Suitable on all breeds of dogs, Activyl contains Indoxacarb as its active ingredient. The ingredient is highly efficient and effectively protects the dogs from flea infestations. Its action paralyzes the fleas hence eliminating them within 8 hours of application.

Note: For Cats & kitten try Activly Spot on for Cats to protect against flea and ticks.
  • Weigh your pet and choose the relevant color pack for his treatment.
  • Break the tip of the applicator and open it.
  • Part the pet’s fur at the base of the skull and create spot to apply the spot-on.
  • Place the tip of applicator on the created spot and squeeze out the entire content.
  • For large dogs, apply at 2-3 spots starting from the base of skull till the backbone.
  • Allow the area to get completely dry.

The color-coded packs of Activyl for Dogs are as follows:

  • Light blue pack – for puppies and small dogs – Between 4 and 14 lbs
  • Brown pack – for small dogs - Between 14.1 and 22 lbs
  • Red pack – for medium dogs - Between 22.1 and 44 lbs
  • Purple pack – for large dogs - Between 44.1 and 88 lbs
  • Green pack – for extra large dogs - Between 88.1 and 132 lbs

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Jan 10, 22

Works great

With activyl my dog never gets fleas even when he stays outdoors all day!

review post


Nov 08, 21

Must buy

Absolutely loved Activyl for dogs.. it kills fleas very effectively.

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