Bayopet Cat Collar
Bayopet Cat Collar for Cats

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Bayopet Cat Collar for Cats

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Bayopet Tick and Flea Collar for Cats

Bayopet tick and flea collar is a highly effective solution for tick and flea control in cats. Ticks and fleas are cleared once the collar has been worn for 24 hours. The comfortable tick collar repels fleas and ticks for 16 and 10 weeks, respectively. This premium cat collar is composed of plastic resin and features an easy-to-use adjustable non-slip clasp. Furthermore, the collar contains the active ingredient Propoxur, which aids in the complete eradication of ticks and fleas and offers a high level of safety while producing no long-term skin pain or irritation.

  • Slide the end of the collar through the clasp
  • Cut off any excess if necessary
  • The collar should be worn loosely to prevent possible irritation
  • If your cat should accidentally be caught by the collar, e.g. on a fence, a safety section is moulded into the collar which will break if stretched in excess and thus preventing your cat from choking

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Bayopet Cat Collar

Bayopet Cat Collar

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