Common Skin Diseases In Dogs And Treatments

If your dog incessantly scratches and chews his coat, it indicates that he is pestered with some kind of a skin issue. Skin ailments are rife among pets as it is the most common complaint that pet owners come-up with on different vet sessions. Honestly, a dog’s diet plays an important role in his healthy skin. Improper nutrition due to unbalanced meals can emanate a host of diseases surfacing the skin tissues. In order to treat and prevent them from happening, we must first comprehend the types and root cause of the issue.

Types Of Skin Diseases In Dogs

  • Pruritus or Itching as we know in layman terms is a primary issue that consumes your pet for most of his time. It is extremely annoying for pets and they can develop other skin infections due to lesions caused by excessive chewing or biting to ease out the itch. It is a symptom of fleas or ticks infestation or some other parasitic infection and allergies.
  • Allergies are another prominent form of skin diseases that cause itchy skin subsequently. Allergies arise when a pet is either sensitive to some environmental elements (pollen, mite dander) or is allergic to flea bite that causes flea allergy dermatitis. In some other cases, a high-protein diet can induce a hypersensitive.
  • Loss of Fur in dogs can be a result of a thyroid disease or an adrenal disorder. Sometimes hair loss issues can be a secondary symptom of heavy parasitic infections.
  • Hotspots are prominent signs of flea infestation or a bacterial infection. These sore spots must be taken very seriously as they can spread very fast.
  • Dull Coat is one such issue which happens when the diet of the pet is not proper. That is, he is not getting optimum nutrition which he should. What you put in your dog’s food bowl reveals how well his health is. Thus, the fur coat is the reflection of a pet’s internal health.

These skin issues can be cured easily. Just a little prevention and a good treatment can abolish major skin health problems that debilitate your pet’s health drastically. Here are some products that alleviate these skin conditions further preventing them from recurring.

Treatments That Cure Skin Diseases

  • Flea and Tick Products – Fleas and ticks can cause several skin issues like itching, baldness, dermatitis, and hotspots in dogs. Therefore, using treatments formulated to prevent them can relieve your pet from these blood-sucking parasites. These treatments come in the form of topical solutions like Frontline Plus and  Bravecto. Capstar is another potent flea killer. However, do get an assurance from the vet if the skin issue is related to parasitic infestation.
  • Shampoos with Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial properties – Using skin care or grooming products that prevent infection of fungus, bacteria or parasites can contribute additionally to alleviate the skin diseases. For instance, Malaseb shampoo for dogs provides shine to the coat and also prevents skin infections.
  • Spot-on Treatments For Skin Conditions – Essential 6 is an ideal spot-on product that imparts moisture and hydration to the coat. It also provides prevention against atopy, yeast infection, bacterial infections and seborrhea. Loaded with omega 3 fatty acids essential for a soft and shiny coat, spot-ons have proved to improve your dog’s dull and scaly skin.

Skin issues are bound to happen during the entire lifespan of your furry friend so, instead of getting spooked out, try and prevent them as much as possible. These products are some of the wonderful treatments available in the market specially designed to cure your pet’s skin issues. So, get them now at extremely low prices.

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