Million Dollar Babies-Investing In Your Pet this Cyber Monday


Whoohoo! We got some exciting news for all you shopping enthusiasts! One of the biggest merchandise and product festivals in the history of retailing is back this year. Yes, we are referring to none other than Cyber Monday, the glorious shopping paradise which is back with a bang this year promising a plethora of quality products from some of the biggest names in the business at baffling prices. The festival is extremely popular amongst shoppers from all walks of life.

Cyber Monday is also a welcome opportunity for pet lovers around the world to invest in the health and other requirements of their furry munchkins. However, in certain rare cases, pet parents have gone on to minimize the expenditure incurred on their companions terming them as liabilities who were nothing short of a burden. It would certainly be a shock for them to take a look at our list of pets who have raked in millions for their beloved pet parents through commercial endorsements and cinema ventures. Your beloved companion could very well be the next name on this list. Let’s take a look at some of the mind-boggling net worth’s of pets out there and why it certainly makes sense to invest in your pet this Cyber Monday:

  • Grumpy Cat: Astounding Net Worth of $100 Million-

All it took for Tabatha Bundesen to earn a mind-boggling sum of roughly $100 million was to post a video of her scowling cat on social media. The video went viral with the cat now titled Grumpy Cat earning his pet parent roughly $100 million from ads, book deals, and modeling endorsements. None of this would have been possible if Bundesen had not invested in anti-flea and tick products like Frontline Plus, Bravecto, Nexgard, and Revolution which are ranked top amongst the customer favorites and easily available as well on the CanadaVetCare.

  • Tara’s Heroism Pays Off: Net Worth of $55,600-$463,700 on an annual basis:

 Tara earned the love and affection of millions of pet lovers all around the world after rescuing her pet parent’s child heroically from a rogue attack by a neighborhood dog. The video of the incident when uploaded online went to generate 17 million hits in just 2 days. According to estimates, Tara is earning approximately between $55,600 and $463,700 on a yearly basis. It would have been certainly difficult for Tara to run swiftly and heroically in a matter of seconds if not for the immense strength in her joints. Hence, it is always recommended to invest in reliable, quality joint care pet supplies like Joint Guard, Seaflex Joint Function, Arithmed Powder and Tablets which are easily available on the Canada Vet Care website at discounted rates.

  • Maru, the Scottish Fold Cat Earning $180,000 Annually:

Maru earns a sum of approximately $180,000 in a year on the back of merchandise, endorsement deals in Japan along with YouTube clips. The cat who is well-known for his love for boxes enjoys the zest and energy to explore around in search of the perfect box because of efficient investment in eye& ear, wound care, skin& coat products like CleanEar, Kyron Eye Wash, Dermaclens, Woundgard, Malaseb Shampoo which provided him quality treatment in case of any wounds sustained during his numerous adventures. One can always find a quick and effective solution to these illnesses by purchasing the above-mentioned products from the CanadaVetCare website.

It is always extremely wise to invest in the needs and requirements of your furry munchkin because of the immeasurable love, affection, and loyalty that they gift without any demands or requirements. Canada Vet Care is certainly the one-stop destination for all your pet care requirements. These testimonials by happy and retained customers will further reassure you with regard to the accuracy of this statement:

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