Tips for Adopting a Pet This National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Every year April 30th is observed as National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day all around the world. It is done so in order to raise awareness for the large chunks of pets which eagerly wait to be adopted from shelter homes by some good soul. Thus, this year on the 30th of April make sure you visit your nearby shelter or any shelter and take home a fur baby or two.

To ensure the smooth sailing of your hunt for a furry pal, here are some tips that one must keep in mind this National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.

1. Swipe Right to the Perfect Match

Before heading out to a shelter home for adopting a furry buddy, ensure you know what type of pet you want. Whether you want a cat or a dog, the choice is yours. Also, other factors such as age, gender, color, etc can be thought of beforehand. And once you lay your eyes onto the furry pal you want to take home, just like numerous dating apps, swipe right to get perfectly matched.

2. Have a Pawsome Pet Plan Ready

Planning is key, and if you plan on adopting a rescue pet from a shelter home, it is important to have a pawsome plan ready. Your plan should cover up the following.

  • Make sure your other family members are ready for his arrival.
  • Pet supplies such as a leash, dog food, water and food bowl, toys, ID’s, etc should be bought beforehand.
  • Pick a vet before adopting and schedule an appointment within a couple of days from adoption.
  • Assemble all important information from the shelter home like feeding schedule and various other minute details.

3. Connect With Your Soulmate

Ask a pet parent and they will completely agree on pets being our soulmates. They bring so much joy to us that perhaps, no one ever would. So when you bring home your furry buddy from the shelter, it is time you start connecting with him. Make him feel like home and get to know him. There’s no better feeling in the world than spending time with your pet.

4. Train the Little Munchkin

Last but not the least, train your adopted little munchkin. In shelter homes, with so many rescue dogs around, dog training is something that is generally overlooked. Once you bring home your soon-to-be bundle of happiness, make sure you begin his training as soon as possible. Basic dog commands and tips should be taught to your new family member.

We all know how much we care and love our families. And when our family gets an additional family member in the form of a pet, it brings us great joy and happiness. So this National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, adopt a furry ball of fur and bestow all your love upon him because he deserves it!