Puppy and Kitten Special Day – Establishment and Celebration

Puppy and Kitten Special Day – Establishment and Celebration

We never really need a reason to cuddle a puppy or a kitten in our one-on-one time with pets and March 23 is actually the National Puppy Day or Cuddly Kitten Day.

This is the perfect day for pet lovers to indulge their heart’s content and celebrate the unconditional love and affection puppies & kittens bring to their lives.

If you are also a fan of furry creatures you’ll love to add few ways to make your celebration more joyous and exuberant. So, let’s give your 4-legged baby an extra dose of cuddles on this very happy day.   


Before we walk you through our few ways to celebrate this day, it’s important to perceive the goal and establishment of this National Puppy Day or Cuddly Kitten Day.

Learn about National Puppy Day or Cuddly Kitten Day

The amazing holiday was founded in 2006 by Colleen Paige, an animal behaviorist, pet lifestyle expert and author. The day was established to bring awareness to the world about puppy mills and to focus attention on fur babies in need of adoption while celebrating these furry little companions.

Puppy mills are the most horrible establishments, with the females bred until they either can’t conceive, or die giving birth. In these mills, dogs are treated as breeding machines until they breed species of them and when they unable to do so they are either euthanized or dumped on the streets.

Many of these puppy mills are operated in inhumane conditions. Sometimes, the poor dogs are also beaten by the people who simply unleash their anger on unsuspected dogs in the mills.

These playful, adorable, loving creatures are malnourished, ignored and mistreated with no reason other than dollars.

How to Celebrate National Puppy Day or Cuddly Kitten Day?


1. Adopt a Little Buddy

If you are a pet lover and you desire to have a cute little creature in your home, this special day is the perfect time to get down to a local pound and adopt a little buddy. Local pounds have puppies and kittens that need your love and home to stay. Moreover, by doing this it will help to prevent breeders from doing animal trade. Do your part in spreading awareness of the unfortunate situation of fur babies and the love they can bring to your home.

2. Spend Quality Time with your Pet

Well, the best way to celebrate this holiday is to spend time in the company of these small furry bundles of love. If you have your own puppy or kitten, you can try teaching or training new tricks. Little fur babies are always ready to learn new things and training your fur baby can be a great way to bond. This will give an exciting and fun learning experience to your fur baby and you as well. Not only it strengthens your companionship, but it also helps to develop the social skills your fur baby has.

3. Grooming Time

Another way to celebrate this day is by spoiling your little pet. You can take them to a pet spa treatment for a comfortable bubble bath and then end the treatment with some luscious pet grooming session. You can also avail of the special offers running specifically for the National Puppy Day or Cuddly Kitten Day at some grooming services or spa.

4. Are You a Pet Lover?

If you can’t adopt or don’t have a fur baby, then too, you can celebrate this special day. There are many other things and ways, you can do and get involved in. Such as, you can offer to take a pet for a walk by someone you know or you can spend your day surfing cute little pet’s photos and videos on the internet. Surely, you will end up watching cute, adorable and funny content. While doing so, you will also have a chance to share any good finds with your pet-loving friends or family.

Final Words

National Puppy Day or Cuddly Kitten Day is a celebration of our cute little companions. It is all about awareness. So why not spend a day with them doing something out of the ordinary and take some photos to spread the word on social platforms. Participate in an online community that advocates pet adoption, or join with other pet lovers involved in raising awareness about the cruel practice of puppy mills. Don’t forget to try our ways of celebration and have a great time with these little cute creatures.

Happy National Puppy day or Cuddly Kitten Day!