Remembering Famous Military Dogs on National K9 Veterans Day

Remembering Famous Military Dogs on National K9 Veterans Day

Dogs are indeed a gift to humanity. They have proven their undying loyalty and determination time and again. Dogs, especially military dogs, have done so much for us that it’s impossible to put it into words. Their fortitude knows no bounds; whether it’s a domestic dog or military dog, he is born with a compassionate and brave heart. March 13th is dedicated to commemorating military dogs thus it’s named National K9 Veterans Day. On this day, let us look back into the time and remember famous military dogs that have served the nation and created a special place in history.

Let’s Commemorate America’s Finest Military Working Dogs

1. Sallie – The Mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry

An English Bull Terrier, Sallie Ann Jarrett served as the mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry during the American Civil War. She had fierce heart and was known to lead the charge into the battle, barking furiously at the enemies. In fact, Sallie even marched before President Abraham Lincoln.

2. Seargent Stubby – America’s Most Decorated War Dog

Seargent Stubby is known to be the most decorated war dog of World War I. He served with the 102nd Infantry, 26th Yankee Division. The reason why he’s still remembered is he was the only dog to be promoted to the rank through combat and he served in the trenches in France where he warned soldiers of gas attacks, incoming shells, and helping locate wounded soldiers on the battlefield. In fact, he managed to capture a Germany spy singlehandedly, thus proving his efficiency and courage!

3. Nemo – A Vietnam War Dog

It was during the Vietnam War when Nemo, a German Shepherd, got to serve the Air Force. Nemo was on guard duty with his handler, Airman Robert Throneburg, when he noticed enemy soldiers draw near and immediately alerted Robert Throneburg. It was only due to the quick responsiveness of Nemo that both managed to face the enemies.

4. Chips – U.S. Army Hero Dog That Served in World War II

Chips is a name that people won’t forget for centuries. He was the most decorated dog of World War II. He was a German Shepherd/Collie/Husky mix and was a part of the Defense program that was carried out after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Chips was also awarded the Purple Heart for his injuries and Silver Star for valor. He served in General Patton’s Seventh Army in Germany, Sicily, France, Italy and North Africa. The only unfortunate thing that happened was that the military took back the medals, as they believed Chips was not eligible to receive the medals as he was only equipment.

5. Cairo – Served in a Military Operations of Modern History

Cairo and his intelligence are incomparable. Cairo was a part of the Navy SEAL team that struck Osama Bin Laden’s compound in May, the year 2011. Cairo assisted in securing the outer perimeter of the building and was trained to track anyone that tried to make an escape. Cairo is the only military dog that was part of such vast military operations of modern history.


Some dogs have made history by serving in the military and then there are other dogs that save lives and help out people every day. Many stray dogs have been in the news for doing a good deed. All we can do is be thankful for having dogs that made history and gave a new meaning to companionship.

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