Top 10 Ways To Prevent Fleas and Ticks on Dogs


Fleas and ticks are horrible creatures just meant to cause illness in our beloved pets. These blood-sucking buggers not just bite and irritate our pets but also transmit horrendous diseases in their bodies. That poor little dog infested with fleas and ticks gets itchy so much so that it scratches and chews his coat and causes bald patches on his coat. This entire nuisance happens just because of these critters. Though people try different methods to eliminate parasites from their dog, they always fail in their efforts. These fleas and ticks will never leave your dog free if proper care is not taken beforehand. So here are some best ways you can ensure complete protection of your dog against these parasites. Just follow them thoroughly.

Use Flea And Tick Preventatives Year Round

Many people have a misconception that flea and ticks only occur in the summer month. However, it is not true. These parasites do get very active in the warmer months and increase their population but their larval forms can still be present in the winter months as well. Parasitic larva builds a cocoon around its body to combat any adversities and as it gets the correct temperatures, it matures into its adult form. These immature forms can thus survive even the hardest of winters. Therefore, year-round prevention is necessary to deracinate the infestation.

Do not use cat products on dogs or vice versa

Not all products are formulated to be used on both the pets. Some of the dog products may even contain ingredients that are toxic to cats and can thus prove to be quite fatal. So, always read the label before administering the product.

Do not skip a dose

Skipping of doses is one of the main reasons why products don’t work with their full efficacy on pets. Never skip the dose. Always keep a reminder for it and even if you mistakenly forgot to provide or apply the treatment on time, consult your vet to ask if you can resume the course or not. However, it is always better to not skip in the first place.

Check your dog regularly

Always check your pet for ticks once you get back to your house from outdoors. By doing so, you can actually prevent your dog from several tick-borne diseases because it takes a minimum of 24 hours for this parasite to infect a pet. When you are already in the habit of making regular checks, any tick that had recently latched onto your dog will come into your notice immediately. Therefore, never skip this regimen.

Groom your dog thoroughly

Illnesses stem from the filth that your four-legged warrior carries on his body. A well-groomed pet is less likely to develop diseases than a dirty, unkempt dog. You must know fleas and ticks get attracted to dirt. So, if there are dirt and filth on your dog’s coat or paws, parasites are bound to latch on their skins. Therefore, always use a good shampoo and conditioner to clean your pet and slather thoroughly. Do not miss any part of the body. Apart from that, always do a normal check of his ears, eyes, and mouth after cleaning.

Vacuum Your House

Regular vacuuming helps to remove dislodged larvae, eggs and even adult parasites from your dog’s surroundings. Make sure you vacuum all the corners, furniture and upholstery of the house thoroughly.

Wash Regularly

Your pet’s bedding and clothes must be washed on high heat to kill any parasite hidden in the folds. And this activity must be performed weekly to ensure everything is clean and parasite free.

Cut your yard short

Mowing of lawn and yard as well as shaving the bushes is very important in keeping the rodents away from your house. These rodents are carriers of fleas and cause an infestation in your pet even if he/she stays indoors most of the time.

Spray Your House

Spraying your house with anti-parasitic solution greatly helps in combating fleas, ticks, mites, and even mosquitoes. Buy the one used for the household purpose and you will have a handy product to kill these critters.

Use flea and tick collar

A flea and tick collar is just like any other normal collar that you tie to your dog but with an added advantage. These collars contain flea and tick preventing solutions that diffuse on the skin of the dog and thus prevents him from getting bitten by flea and ticks. These collars are great for people who regularly take their pet outdoors.

Fleas and ticks are very irritating to dogs as well as their owners. They cause a host of diseases in pets and ridiculously multiply in numbers when they find apt conditions. Ticks especially are responsible for transmitting several diseases in dogs. Thus, before they take charge of your pet and your household, stop them right away by following the aforementioned tips. In case your dog is already infested, consult your vet immediately to get the best treatment.

Flea and tick prevention succeeds when you spend quality time with your pet and keep a check on his health and appearance regularly. So, do not forget to take out some time for him. Only when you will be with him, will you be able to see the onset of the infestation, remember that!