Unveiling the Little-Known Ways of Cat Health Care

Unveiling the Little-Known Ways of Cat Health Care

The shortest month of the year is dedicated to the health of our mischievous yet purrfect four-legged friends. Yes, February is National Cat Health Month, and a time to learn and care more about the health and happiness of your adorable and amusing felines.  

Since you can get all the generic “cat care” info like regular vet visits and picking the best cat food in abundance online, we have included all those little things you must not neglect to help your furball live an enriched and fulfilling life.

Know The Signs of a Healthy Cat

So, just like every responsible cat parent, you are feeding nutritious food to your cat and are exercising them enough too, but how would you make sure if your cat is really healthy?

Here are some indicators for healthy cats that you should look up to:

  • Crystal clear and bright eyes
  • Fresh breath and clean, white teeth
  • Shiny, matt-free coat
  • Active behavior
  • Healthy litter box habits
  • Optimum weight

Regular vet visits are are also essential for maintaining your kitty’s good health. A veterinarian carries out a thorough health check up of your cat, so that no health problems go unnoticed.

Now let us walk you through unconventional ways of improving your cat’s health.

1. Boost your cat’s nutrition with supplements

Supplements, in addition to nutritious meals, promote specific aspects of your feline friend’s well-being. Depending on the type of supplement, they can help provide essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids while working to maintain cats’ overall health. Cat supplements like joint care supplements, skin and coat supplements, digestive supplements, and behavioral supplements focus on specific health issues, whereas, vitamin and mineral supplements improve overall health.

2. Support your cat’s mental health

Cats’ mental and emotional wellness is just as crucial as their physical health. It is untrue that cats are solitary animals who don’t long for human contact. Cats can quickly go into depression if they experience a slight sense of boredom or have nothing to do all day. Make time for the things your cats love to avoid this. Your floofy besties enjoy being cuddled. Snuggle up and spend some time on the couch with them. Touch them. Rub their bellies. This will keep them happy and purring.

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3. Monitor your cat’s overall health regularly

In addition to taking your cat to a veterinarian regularly, it is necessary to keep an eye on its health at home. Check your kitty’s eyes for crusty buildup and ears for foul smell or wax buildup every week. Also, keep your cat’s dental health in check by brushing its teeth regularly. To save your cat from being obese or overweight, it is also recommended to check its weight weekly.

4. Spay/Neuter your cat

Overpopulation of the feline community is a real problem. As cat lovers, we know that every cat deserves a forever home. A smart approach to avoid undesired litters that could be expensive for cat owners is to spay or neuter your cat. The process through which your cat’s doctor makes your cat sterile is known as neutering (or spaying). But, the main benefit of spaying and neutering is that it makes your cat live a healthier, longer life.

5. Interact with your cat

You must play and interact with your cat regularly to keep them happy, healthy, and fulfilled. Interacting with your furry ball regularly will also help you develop a stronger bond with them because the more you engage with them, the more comfortable and trustworthy they get. Additionally, play is a means of communication for cats and teaches them how to interact with both people and other cats.

National Cat Health Month

February is National Cat Health Month, and the best time to develop a loving relationship with your healthy cat. Play, pet, and take care of your cat more often when spending time together. Your efforts to maintain your cat’s health will not only keep them happy and healthy but will also strengthen your relationship with them.