Cleanaural Ear
Cleanaural Ear for Cats

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Cleanaural Ear for Cats

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Cleanaural Ear is a competent ear cleansing product for cats and dogs. This is an efficient formulation, which keep the pet’s ear clean by removing the wax and debris from the inner ears surface without any harm and irritation. Regular use of this formulation keeps the pet’s ear clean and disease free. It has moisturizing properties and also prevents inflammation of ears. Cleanaural is a reliable product for maintaining aural hygiene is dogs and cats.

  • Shake the container before use.
  • Invert the bottle into the dog’s ear as such that the tip of the nozzle touches the ear canal
  • Squeeze the bottle to apply the content into the ears and massage outside the ear
  • The formulation will cause the loosening of the hardened wax
  • Let the dog shake his head. Wipe any dirt and extra solution from the ear

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Cleanaural Ear

Cleanaural Ear

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Sep 23, 20

Easy to use pain relief for dog ears

Easy to use pain relief for dog ears. Our dog seem to be fine now.

review post


Aug 05, 20

works for our cats

it helps to clear the gunk and filth, keeps our cat's ears clean.

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