Exelpet Allwormer
Exelpet Allwormer for Cats

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Exelpet Allwormer for Cats

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Exelpet Allwormer is an effective allwormer treatment for cats. The deworming paste eliminates various intestinal worms including roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms. The oral paste treats different worms and controls worm infection in cats. Exelpet comes in easy to dose syringe. It is a highly palatable paste and is easy to administer. It contains two potent ingredients that help in destroying the worms and lowering the risk of worm diseases in cats. The active ingredients work effectively and are gentle on cats.

  • Dosage depends on cat’s bodyweight
  • Remove the syringe from the pack and hold it upright.
  • Place it in between the back teeth, behind the tongue as far as possible.
  • Slowly depress the syringe on the required dosage.
  • You can even mix the paste in the food.


  • One 2.5 ml syringe treats an average cat weighing 11lbs (5 kg).
  • For cats and kittens less than 11lbs, administer 1 ml per 4.5lbs (2 kg).
  • For cats over 11lbs, administer one whole 2.5 ml syringe plus an additional 1 ml of every 4.5lbs in bodyweight over 11lbs.

Treatment Frequency

  • Kittens 12 weeks of age: Treat at 6, 8 and 12 weeks for roundworm and hookworm.
  • Kittens & cats over 12 weeks of age: Treat every 3 months for roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm.
  • Pregnant cats: Treat at mating, before birth of kittens and after every 3 months.

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Exelpet Allwormer

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Nov 15, 18

Destroys hookworms and tapeworms

Exelpet has helped me in getting rid of hookworms and tapeworms in my bobcat and tabby cat respectively. A great allwormer.


Oct 01, 18

Allround de- worming

It's great that a single product handles all sorts of intestinal worm problems. My cat Butterfly is so relieved now.

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