Flevox Spot-On
Flevox Spot-On for Dogs

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Flevox Spot-On for Dogs

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Flevox spot on is an appreciable and recommendable product in the field of flea and ticks treatment. It is a topical treatment in the form of spot on. With a good potential, it eliminates fleas at their adult stages and additionally inhibits the new infestation. Its amazing effects are due the presence of fipronil. It is a long lasting treatment and provides good effectiveness for two months. It treats a major diseases in dogs knows as Flea allergy dermatitis. Flevox is suitable for pets over the age of 8 weeks or older.

  • Product should be appropriate according to the age and weight of dog
  • Make your pet to sit in a comfortable position for application
  • Properly part the furs between the shoulder blades
  • Squeeze the content from the pipette and apply it on different spots
  • Let the treated area gets properly dried
  • Wash your hands properly after the whole process

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Flevox Spot-On

Flevox Spot-On

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Apr 12, 18

Try it once and see the result

Don't need to pay extra money for branded products when this does the same job. Great product! I have been using this for the last 2 years and I’ve never had any problems.

review post


Dec 21, 17

Good Show!

I tried this product on my friend's recommendation. I find it trustworthy for flea control


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