Frontline Spray
Frontline Spray for Cats

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Frontline Spray is an effective flea and tick treatment for cats. It protects cats against flea and tick infestation. It kills fleas and ticks as well as controls future flea infestations. Frontline spray destroys newly emerged fleas from eggs and stops flea infestations. It controls flea allergy dermatitis on cats. The topical solution is easier to apply and remains effective for one full month.

Frontline Spray is safe to use for kittens over 2 days of age.

  • Adjust the Frontline Spray nozzle to the desired spray pattern before you start spraying.
  • Apply against the lay of the hair, ruffling the coat as the spray is being applied, especially in long-haired or densely coated animals.
  • Holding the bottle upright, apply FRONTLINE SPRAY over the entire body from a distance of approximately 10 to 20cm and ensure the coat is thoroughly wet. Apply an equal number of spray pumps, at the calculated dose, to the required areas.

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Frontline Spray

Frontline Spray

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Oct 26, 18

Sprays aways the fleas and ticks

Frontline spray managed to spray away fleas and ticks on my two-year old kitty. Couldn't be more happy with this product.

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Sep 12, 18

It is for all stages of ticks

Equally effective in all stages of ticks and also keeps a check on the possibilities of lyme disease. Well that’s amazing.

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