Granofen Worming Granules
Granofen Worming Granules for Dogs

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Granofen Worming Granules for Dogs

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Granofen Worming Granules is a phenomenal product as a de wormer .This product protects protect pets from gastrointestinal worms and hence prevents infection in dogs. This is a broad and multi spectral formulation and routine treatment is advisable 2 to 4 times in a year. This product comes in the form of sachets of different packages and sizes .This is a flavorless granules which is meant for mixed with feed

  • Administer 1g Granofen Wormer granules for dogs per 5lbs body weight.
  • Each single dose contains (100mg febendazole/lbs body weight).
  • Mix it in the food to administer your pet
  • If the re-infestation of parasitic worms occurs , it can be repeated
  • Adult dogs should be wormed routinely 2 to 4 times a year,
  • It can be  6 to 8 times in higher risk situations
  • Pregnant dogs (female): 1g Granofen Wormer for Dogs


2.2 to 4.4kg (5-10lb)

4.5 to 8.8kg (10-20lb)

8.9 to 13.2kg(20-30lb)

13.3 to 22kg(30-50lb)

22.1 to 35.2kg(50-80lb)


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Granofen Worming Granules

Granofen Worming Granules

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Mar 20, 20

wormer granules

it is easier, affordable and less messy.

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Nov 12, 18

Protects my puppy from worms

Granofen Granules is a great product to protect pets from gastrointestinal worms. I add them in my puppy's food to protect him from the worms and you know what, it protects him really well.

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