Petscreen SPF23 Sunscreen
Petscreen SPF23 Sunscreen for Cats

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Petscreen SPF23 Sunscreen for Cats

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Petscreen SPF23 Sunscreen for Dogs, Cats and Horses – Best Sunscreen for Pets

Petscreen SPF23 Sunscreen is an outstanding skin product for dogs, cats and horses. This intensive formulation protects the pets from harmful sun rays and protects the pet from skin problems like skin cancer and tumors. The formulation is in the form of clear liquid having SPF- 23 and broad-spectrum activity from UVA and UVB components of sunlight. This product is suitable for being used once a day with a quick drying base. The potent lotion consists of 4 major sunscreen agents in it. This product can be used on dogs, cats and horses.

  • The product should be properly sprayed on the required area , once a day
  • If your pet is not comfortable with spraying then apply it in cotton swab and then rub it on pet’s skin
  • Read the package carefully and in case of any doubt consult from a professional

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Petscreen SPF23 Sunscreen

Petscreen SPF23 Sunscreen

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Amazing sunscreen

What an amazing sunscreen! You will definitely notice results once you start using it for your pet.

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quality product

quality product and stands as a great shield against sun

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