10 Budget-Friendly Pet Supplies that Just Fall Under $20

With lot of brands and local products lining up in pet stores, pet parents grow eager when it comes to pick from these products that need to be fit in…

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Top 7 Homeopathic Treatment for Dogs

  Homeopathy has built up its trust among consumers for being a natural way to treat an ailment and people resort to it when they do not want to depend…

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Preventing the Rising Menace- Fleas and Ticks

The US government is constantly urging its citizens to stay aware of the vector-borne diseases and take necessary measures to control these parasites. According to the data collected by the…

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Lungworms in dogs-CanadaVetCare

Lungworms in Dogs : Symptoms & Treatment

Worms…Worms and Worms… These devils will never go away from a pet parent’s life. Lungworms are one type of parasites amongst these devils that are creating more nuisance than any…

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Eye Disorders in Pets: Understanding and avoiding them

  Our loyal companions are extremely expressive in nature. The love and affection they hold for us in their hearts are evident from the sudden shine in their eyes as…

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Tick Borne Disease in Dogs - CanadaVetCare

Tick-Borne Diseases In Dogs: Types, Treatment And Prevention

Ticks love to feast on dogs’ blood and make them their perfect host to spread a plethora of diseases that prove to be fatal when left untreated. Some of the…

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CanadaVetCare Heartwormer Preventions is better than treatments

HeartWormer: Why Prevention is Better Than Treatment?

The most dreaded and an extremely expensive disease that makes pet owners go nuts with their peanut sized salaries; Heartworm is nothing but a nightmare. Its invasion and gradual expansion…

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Common Skin Diseases In Dogs And Treatments

If your dog incessantly scratches and chews his coat, it indicates that he is pestered with some kind of a skin issue. Skin ailments are rife among pets as it…

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How to treat and protect your pooch from fleas

How To Treat And Protect Your Pooch From Fleas

  Puppies are naive, delicate and warm. They are our biggest stress-busters and make for a great companion to us and our kids. But do you know they play a…

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Top 3 Dog Wormers Making Headlines In 2018

Protecting your dog from intestinal worms through dewormers is very important. Tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms and whipworms are some common worms, which may infect the internal structure of your pet. These…

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