heartworm awareness month

Getting To Know About National Heartworm Awareness Month

The month of April is known as the National Heartworm Awareness Month. It is during this month that pet parents are made aware of the threatening heartworm disease. Since heartworm…

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Nexgard Spectra for Dogs

FAQs About Nexgard Spectra

There have been plenty of talks about Nexgard Spectra regarding its safety towards pets and various other questions. This propelled us to cease the dilemma and come up with answers…

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How to Get Rid of Heartworms In Your Dog

Heartworm infection in dogs is caused by Dirofilaria immitis, a thread-like worm that is transmitted by mosquitoes while they feed on the animal. The adult worms generally migrate to the…

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High-Flea-And-Tick - CanadaVetCare

High Flea And Tick Affected Regions In USA

Fleas and tick pose major problems in US regions with a warm and humid climate. Their population blows out due to high temperatures and increased humidity in some parts of…

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CanadaVetCare Heartwormer Preventions is better than treatments

HeartWormer: Why Prevention is Better Than Treatment?

The most dreaded and an extremely expensive disease that makes pet owners go nuts with their peanut sized salaries; Heartworm is nothing but a nightmare. Its invasion and gradual expansion…

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Why Should you choose Generic Heartworm Pills CanadaVetCare

Why Should You Choose Generic Heartworm Pills

Heartworm has threatened lives of umpteen pets. This dreaded disease is usually caused by a parasite named Dirofilaria immitis which is transmitted by a mosquito bite and dogs are the…

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