What Causes Head Pressing in Dogs?

Many pet parents would see their dogs pressing their heads on stable objects and assume that it’s just another silly behavior on their part. But in truth, head pressing is…

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Choosing the Correct Diet for Dogs with Gastrointestinal Problems

Keeping your pal safe at all times can be a difficult task and cannot always guarantee complete safety. In some way or the other, your furry friend can catch a…

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top products by vet

Top Products Recommended By Vets For 2019

A new year comes with new beginnings and err… new pet products too. Vets all across the globe have recommended products for pet parents for the year 2019. We have…

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Top 7 Homeopathic Treatment for Dogs

  Homeopathy has built up its trust among consumers for being a natural way to treat an ailment and people resort to it when they do not want to depend…

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Eye Disorders in Pets: Understanding and avoiding them

  Our loyal companions are extremely expressive in nature. The love and affection they hold for us in their hearts are evident from the sudden shine in their eyes as…

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Tick Borne Disease in Dogs - CanadaVetCare

Tick-Borne Diseases In Dogs: Types, Treatment And Prevention

Ticks love to feast on dogs’ blood and make them their perfect host to spread a plethora of diseases that prove to be fatal when left untreated. Some of the…

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Top 5 Best Flea And Tick Control Products

  Summers or spring the moist and warm weather is just so ideal for fleas and ticks to mate, multiply and stay cocooned so as to linger around even in…

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Common Skin Diseases In Dogs And Treatments

If your dog incessantly scratches and chews his coat, it indicates that he is pestered with some kind of a skin issue. Skin ailments are rife among pets as it…

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Top 3 Dog Wormers Making Headlines In 2018

Protecting your dog from intestinal worms through dewormers is very important. Tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms and whipworms are some common worms, which may infect the internal structure of your pet. These…

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