Helpful Tips for Pet Parents on National Pet Fire Safety Day

National Pet Fire Safety Day

According to a survey conducted in the United States, approximately 500,000 pets are affected by fire every year. It is a point of concern as, 1,000 house fires are actually started by pets. Therefore, July 15 is designated as National Pet Fire Safety Day. The main motive of this month is to make pet parents aware on the dangers of house fire. Even a slightest negligence can affect their pets.

Pet parents probably won’t agree to the fact that their adorable pets may put out fire. However, it does happen, thus necessary steps needs to be taken to prevent it. Below are ways you can take the required measure and keep your furry pal safe.

Ways to Prevent Your Pet from Starting Fire

1. Use Flameless Candles

We all love the comforting aroma of candles, and it’s not wrong to burn a scented candle in your house. However, if your pet is present in the same room, you may want to avoid it as he can easily knock over the candle. Instead, you can get flameless candles which come with a bulb.

2. No Open Flame

You can’t tell what goes into your pet’s mind. Candles, cooking appliances and fireplace have open flames which may harm your furry companion. Pet parents should never leave their pets unattended when there’s open flame in the room.

3. Cover the Stove Knobs

It’s said that most fire start with dogs accidentally turning on the stove. Dogs are very smart so they can easily learn how to turn on the stove, making it dangerous for both of you. Thus, ensure you cover the stove knobs or remove them before stepping out of the house.

How to Keep Your Pet Safe

  • Keep an Eye on Puppies – Young puppies need to be supervised at all times. Those tiny adorable doggos don’t know that such flames could be harmful for them. Hence, it’s vital to keep them in crate if you’re leaving them alone. Or keep them in a different room so they don’t accidentally harm themselves.
  • Pets Need To Be Kept Near The Entrance – In case of fire, your pet won’t be able to rescue himself. Therefore, if firefighters enter the house, they can easily save your pet’s life.
  • Smoke Detectors – A house with pets requires smoke detectors as in absence of anyone, such detectors can alarm neighbors so they can come get your pet.

It’s crucial to follow these preventive measures as such incidents can be dangerous and sometimes even fatal. So, be aware and ensure there’s no risk of fire in your house for you and your pet’s safety.

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