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A mere sight of a tick is enough to cajole us to smother it with our fingers and throw it in the dustbin right away. Some people also try to burn them up with a lit cigarette tip or cover them up with nail paint remover while they are still stuck to the pet’s body. These methods do sound easy and interesting but they will do more harm than good to the poor pet. The reason being, when ticks are killed using these inappropriate methods they often vomit into the pet’s skin. This contaminated vomit can eventually lead to tick-borne disease in pets. Hence, it is very important to follow the correct method of tick removal.

Appropriate Way To Remove A Tick

You would be surprised to know that a tick can be correctly removed just by tweezers. But make sure those are pointed.

Steps To Follow:

  • Use an alcohol to rub the affected area around the tick.
  • Hold the tweezers so you can grab the head of the tick.
  • Grabbing the tick by the head and not by the body is very important.
  • This method avoids the tick from vomiting and spreading infection.
  • Once grabbed, pull the tick upwards gently yet firmly.
  • The hold must not be too firm or too loose.
  • Do not twist or turn the tick while pulling as it may separate the lodged head from the rest of its body.
    Dispose of the tick in the container containing alcohol.
  • This step will kill the tick.
  • To get the tick tested for carrying an infection, you must put it in a sealed container.
  • Make sure you put a blade of grass in it to keep the tick alive.
  • Finally, rub the bitten area on the pet’s skin with alcohol and wash your hand with soapy water.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • You must never hold the tick with your naked hands as they may be infectious to humans as well.
  • Do not dispose of it off in the dustbin as they may crawl up and wander in the house.
  • Flush it in the toilet to get rid off it successfully.
  • If you see any signs of tick-bite or tick-borne diseases like – fever, rashes, chills, muscle aches immediately contact a doctor.
  • Treat your dog if he already has the tick-related disease.
  • Use preventatives like Frontline Plus or Seresto collar to keep the ticks away from your pet.
  • These critters are really nasty and yucky. They are the host of so many diseases that they must be eliminated and prevented without fail. So make use of all those products and treatments that successfully eliminate the ticks from your pet’s life!

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