Why Is It Important to Brush Your Dogs Teeth Daily?

Canine dental problems constitute the largest chunk of vet visits. Many pet parents are aware of the fact that over 85% of the dogs having, crossed the age of 3, are vulnerable to periodontal diseases. Therefore, it is better to clean your dog’s teeth daily than to visit a vet and spend hefty sum of money to cure a dental disease.
At the same time, why let the situation get so aggravated that your furry pal, needs to be given anesthesia to cure his dental illness.

Dog Dental Health- Few Insights 

Dental issues are unavoidable in pets. A pet by the age of 3 may contact some form of gum disease.

  • As a pet parent you may fall in the trap of believing that your dog’s oral health is in fine shape. Gum problems in pets are of silent nature. They fully surface or become visible to a pet parent when they get aggravated or entered into its mature stage.
  • A pet suffering from a periodontal disease may hide its pain from its master or feel hesitant when you try to touch its head.
  • The main culprit that causes dental problems in pets as well as humans is plaque and tartar,that sticks over the teeth structure.
  • A pet may be anesthetized to remove the plaque and tartar formation from his mouth
  • Periodontal disease in pets, though is common but preventable.


When it comes to symptoms associated with a periodontal disease, a pet parent would find himself in dilemma, as many of these symptoms appear in the advanced stages. First, the gullible pet would act as nothing has happened. Then over a period of time you will see him struggling in eating his food or shying away from you. Complete symptoms would surface as

  • Difficulty in chewing food
  • Bad breath
  • Drooling
  • Build of plaque and tartar around teeth
  • Loose teeth

The reason for dental issues in pets is the formation of plaque and tartar that sticks to your furry pal’s teeth. This substance firmly attaches with the surface of the canine’s teeth and loosens the entire canine teeth structure. The process is unavoidable, as food plays an important role in the development of a plaque. Foods containing starch or sugars are most likely to stick to the teeth even after cleaning the mouth with water. These food particles aid the bacteria present in the mouth and thus ensuring build of plaque and tartar.

Thus, a daily cleaning of your pet’s teeth is important to prevent accumulation of plaque in its mouth.

How To Make This Ritual Effective And Hassle Free?

  • Find a comfortable place for your dog to perform this activity.
  • Make sure that your dog won’t be distracted by anything present in the environment
  • Start slowly, gauging the mood of your pet.
  • Use toothpaste meant for pets only. Baking soda can also do the trick for you. However, see that your friend does not swallow it.
  • Brush thoroughly, covering every part of his teeth structure.
  • Rinse his mouth with water to complete the activity.
  • Do not extend the ritual for more than 5 minutes
  • Gift him treats after completion of the exercise, to create positive impressions in his mind, regarding the whole exercise.
  • Do this exercise at least 3-4 times in a week if not daily.
  • Consult the vet for regular oral check-ups.

Issues related to pet’s oral health can be easily prevented. Regular brushing of your dog’s teeth will ensure your pet’s oral health in top form. At the same time, you will be able to save unnecessary expenditure on vet visits and professional dental care. Therefore, always be ready with your pet’s dental products and give your dog the best of dental health care.

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