Get Going With Training: February Is Dog Training Education Month

You have a delightful dog at home and enjoy cuddling and playing with them. But, the people in your neighborhood, your friends and family aren’t as enamored with your pooch, and it annoys you also when they run around the house and damage everything that comes their way. Why? It could be because your furry buddy is not trained and well-behaved. Yes, it is important to provide your pet with good food, shelter and lots of love. But, the significance of training cannot be ignored when it comes to your safety and their happiness and well-being as nothing can be more satisfying for your pup than to know that they behaved as per your expectations. A well-trained dog can be the best companion for us. It is for this reason that February is celebrated as Dog Training Education Month, to educate pet parents about the significance of dog training.

Let’s take a look at the thought behind celebrating Dog Training Education Month:

Why Celebrate Dog Training Education Month

Dog Training Education Month is celebrated every year in February to spread awareness among pet parents regarding the importance of training a dog. Along with making your furry pal more disciplined, training also helps strengthen a healthy bond between you and your four-legged friend. Besides, a well-mannered dog is less likely to damage property or be a party pooper.

How dog training can be beneficial

Who does not like an obedient dog? Discipline is not harmful after all. Training your adorable furry bundle of joy brings with it a few benefits too.

  • Obeying the commands keeps your dog safe during outdoor activities.
  • Housebreaking your dog helps keep the home clean while you are not around.
  • A well-mannered dog will gel easily with your friends and family.
  • Training sessions with your beloved pooches help strengthen your bond with them.
  • Traveling and vacations with a trained dog are less of a trouble and more fun.
  • Training is an element of dog care because the physical activity helps to preserve your elderly pal’s joint health and the mental stimulation keeps their mind active.

How to participate in the celebration

If you are a new dog parent, it’s best to start training your pup early on to establish good habits (as early start always helps). But this does not mean that your adult buddy cannot be trained. Yes, you can always teach an old dog new tricks. Here is how you can participate in the celebration of Dog Training Education Month:

  • Prepare a training plan

To start with, prepare a proper training plan for your furball. Start with teaching some basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘stop’, and ‘stay’. Gradually move to advanced training like controlled running while your pooch is on a leash, swimming, and controlled behavior while around unfamiliar people and other animals. Go for teaching a new trick if your canine is already trained with the basics.

  • Practice positive reinforcement

Who does not like to be appreciated for good work? Well, our pets are no different. A soft ‘good job’ pat on your dog’s back and a piece of their favorite treat, when they follow your command, will make your furry buddy jump with joy. Besides, knowing that they are behaving as per your expectations makes them happy and getting the appreciation reassures your pooch that you love them.

  • Explore a new dog park

Walking the same path every day can be boring for both you and your dog. You can visit a new dog park to maintain the excitement of outdoor activities. Let your furry buddy be off the leash and teach them to stop barking unnecessarily and stay inside the safe area.

  • Volunteer at a dog shelter

A helping hand is always welcome. You can volunteer at a local dog shelter to train shelter dogs. A dog having basic manners has more chance of getting adopted. By training them, you can help these furballs find their new home early.

  • Educate yourself and keep learning

To teach new tricks to your dog and to do your best to keep your canine healthy and happy, you need to gain more knowledge. Attend seminars and conferences happening near your place during dog training education month, to learn from experts in the field. This way, you will also be able to meet fellow pet parents and learn from their experiences with their pets.

In the end

Pet parenting comes with its own set of responsibilities. Just like a well-mannered kid, an obedient dog is also liked by all. To keep your dog physically and mentally healthy and happy, it is required to train them so that they can be your best companion. This Dog Training Education Month, promise yourself to do your bit in training your beloved furry friend and make a difference in their life.