Hug Your Cat Day – How To Cuddle Your Cat Purrfectly?


Cats are quite sensitive to touch and emotions. Unlike dogs, they need to be handled differently without much intrusion into their private space. Therefore, while caressing a cat one must be careful enough to maintain a certain pattern and behavior that allows your kitty to befriend you easily. On account of Hug Your Cat Day we have brought up some suggestions that would help cuddle your kitty the way she loves it. Follow these tips to enjoy a good hug from your furry munchkin.

Steps To Cuddle Your Cat Flawlessly

  • Go gently. Cats enjoy gentle strokes and subtle patting. You should never press her body too hard or too close else she may get aggressive.
  • Check her mood before picking her up. Some cats love to maintain distance and some may not be just in the mood to get picked up. So, try and decipher the temperament of your cat first. If at all she likes the act, hold her gently.
  • Make sure you provide complete support to her body through your arm and hold her close to your body. It lets her feel secured. She must be handled just like you would hold an infant.
  • Learn to understand her gestures and make the move. If a cat pricks her ears forward and curls her tail at the end, it means she is in good mood. You can either sit close to her and enjoy watching her curiously from a distance or hold her to caress lightly. If the cat shows any signs of aversion like – growling, dilated pupils, arched back with tail tucked between her legs, stop right away! It indicates the timing is incorrect.
  • Before cuddling her, pat her body or give a slight massage to her entire coat end to end. This gives a feeling of relaxation to kitties and they would like you to caress her more. Do not rub her tail though. It is a sensitive area and must not be touched unless your cat allows you to do so.
  • Do not go hard on her belly while picking her up for a hug, else she will growl at you and leave the place immediately in disappointment.
  • You can switch on a cat-relaxing diffuser that unwinds your kitty from her issues and tranquilizes her mind. Once completely relaxed, pat her slowly to understand if she is ok to be caressed or not. She may display good signs like- light purring or blinking her eyes slowly.
  • Never disturb a sleeping cat. Follow this rule diligently else you would lose your kitties trust and affection.

Cats are such beautiful and gullible creatures that you cannot stop fondling them. They are soft and adorable which is why we love to hug them more often. But, cats don’t like it if they sense too much of invasion. If they feel any kind of harshness, they can take it as a danger which leads them hiding from you under the bed or in an isolated room, etc. So, one need to go gentler while handling a cat.  On a cat hug day, make sure you don’t scare your kitty away. Go easy and smooth on her fur for a purrfect cuddle.

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