National Dog Day 2021: 5 Ways of Celebrating the Occasion


The National Dog Day is an occasion which is observed and celebrated annually on August 26th after being founded in 2004. It was designed by animal advocate and family & pet lifestyle expert Colleen Paige to bring the limelight on the plight of dogs. The poor creatures are forced to suffer silently and battle neglect at the hand of humans despite giving them all their unconditional love& affection.

August 26th was coined as the date for the celebration of this glorious event as it was on this date that Colleen’s family adopted a dog for the very first time when she was as young as ten years old. The main objective of observing an occasion like the “National Dog Day” was to remind people of the helpless dogs out there who are desperately in need of being rescued as well as recognizing the importance of working & family dogs in our daily lives. Our furry friends put their necks on the line regularly in the form of sniffer dogs who detect the presence of dangerous explosives insensitive acts of terrorism as well as assisting victims who are stuck in wreckage during accidents.

You can also take a step forward in the right direction by celebrating the occasion and recognizing the importance of our loyal companions. Let’s take a look at five different ways by which you can make the occasion special for yourself as well as your dog on National Dog Day:

Ways to Enjoy National Dog Day with your Pooch

1. Adopting a dog or volunteering at a local shelter:

You can always add a caring, friendly dog who will give you and your family all his love silently by adopting a dog from the local shelter. Dogs can be useful companions for children who do not have any siblings and provide some much-needed support to widows as well as senior citizens. You can also go ahead and volunteer at the local shelter contributing by cleaning the cage as well as playing around with dogs that do not enjoy any visitors. Your actions can make the day a very special one for dogs who have been abandoned by their previous owners and are pining for love &affection.

2. Purchase some treats and toys for your dog:

If you are already the proud owner of a dog, you can go about celebrating the occasion by making the day an extra special one for him. Dogs love treats and enjoy playing with toys out on the lush green grass. At the same time, you should avoid preparing or purchasing any products containing chocolate as that may prove detrimental to his health.

3. Spend your entire day pampering and petting him:

Your furry friends enjoy your company more than anything in the world. They can sacrifice their fondest desires to spend some time being cuddled& pampered by you which is rarely the case due to daily obligations. “National Dog Day” can be an extra special occasion for him if you spend the whole day in his company, pampering and cuddling him or even taking him out on a spa session which they relish the most.

4. Organizing Photography Sessions:

There are several dogs who love being photographed and can deliver the perfect pose constantly in front of the camera. You can organize a photo shoot session involving the two of you as well as other dog lovers in the neighborhood creating lifelong memories which you can look back upon fondly.

5. Teach your dog some new tricks:

Dogs love showing off their skills and talent to other dogs to gain respect in the eyes of their fellow mates. You can spend the day teaching your loyal companion a couple of cool tricks which he can further show off on the playground or even enjoy when left alone in the house.

Such gestures on your part may seem quite simple to execute but are invaluable in the eyes of your furry munchkins. It is certainly recommended to celebrate the occasion in as colorful a manner are possible.

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