Treatments to Control Parasites on Cats

Fleas and ticks are the most common parasites found on cats. The tick is considered as an arachnid and it is different in size and shape than flea. Ticks stick to warm-blooded animals and start sucking their blood. These parasites take blood as their food and grow tremendously. Let us find answers to some of the most common questions related to ticks.

Do you know?

Ticks can live up to three years and they are fussy insects.

How Can Cat Get Ticks?

They are found on grounds or at the edge of grass and they crawl onto the passing furry animals like cat or a dog. If your cat is chewing or scratching the skin, it indicates there is a tick infestation. You need to treat your kitty to control and remove ticks from her body.

Where can I Buy Spot-On Treatment To Control Ticks?

Reach your vet or any online pet store to Buy spot-on treatment. The medicines are highly effective in keeping parasites at bay for a month. Treating your furry ball with monthly tick treatments help to lower vet bills due to tick-borne diseases.

Can I Use Tick Sprays

Yes! You can use tick spray to treat tick infestation. Tick treatments are available in varied forms. You can buy spot-on, topical treatment, collar or spray. During peak tick months, you may need to use tick spray every 7-14 days. Tick spray is easy to use and has no serious irritation problem in cats.

What are Tick Collars?

Like tick spray, you can also tick collar to protect your furry friend against tick infestation. Tick collars are safe to use and does not cause itching. Before the tick season starts, put tick collar around your pet’s neck to protect your pal from heavy tick infestation. The tick collars have the ability to repel biting ticks. This collar can be easily put around pet’s neck, pushing one end through the loop.

What are Household Treatments?

Household treatments are different from the treatments mentioned above. Household treatment not only helps to control ticks, but also eliminate tick eggs from the house. These measures include vacuuming of house including carpets, doormats and cleaning your garden. Keep your cat away from treated areas for some time.

In a nutshell

Tick control products can vary for different animals and so work differently. Above treatments are best measures you can take your cat to kill or control the ticks on the cat. Try the above treatments and be happy to see your cat tick free!

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