World Pet Memorial Day

World Pet Memorial Day

It’s never a dull day when you have pets in the house running around. This is an amazing feeling and must be cherished by pet parents. We say this because nothing lasts forever. Thus, it’s pivotal to enjoy all the time we have with your beloved buddies. And for pet parents who have lost their furry munchkins on the way, we hope you know about the World Pet Memorial Day. More about this and what pet parents can do on this day; read further.

What is World Pet Memorial Day?

World Pet Memorial Day was originally created by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). It was created as a way to remember all the pets that are no longer in this world with us. The main motive of creating this day was for pet parents to remember and recollect all the good memories they had with their pets.

Things To Do on Memorial Day

There are so many things you can do to remember and honor your pet on World Pet Memorial Day. We’ve listed a few ways below.

1. Looking Back at All the Memories

It might really be hard for you to look at old pictures of your buddy, but if you manage to get through it, this will help with the healing process. Look at all the pictures you took with your buddy and try and recollect all the good old memories. Surely, it will be hard but it will bring a slight smile on your face when you remember your buddy.

2. Honor Your Dog by Walking

Dog’s love walking with their pet parents. So, what better way to honor your pet than by going for a nice long walk alone. So, take out those walking shoes and go for a long walk. It would be nice to take the same route you and your buddy used to take. Memories will be brought back, and it might put a smile on your face too.

3. Make A Donation to Any Nearby Animal Shelter

One of the best ways to remember and honor your pet is by making a donation. Donations in the form of money or maybe your pet’s belongings can go a long way in helping animal shelters provide for the many pets that are there. So why not make a heartwarming donation to your local animal shelter this World Pet Memorial Day.

4. Make Something Crafty

Are you good at art and craft? If yes, you can honor and remember your dog or pet by making something crafty. Things such as making a photo frame with a picture of your beloved pet in it. Aww, how adorable and sweet! There are so many other crafty things you can do. Rack that brain of yours, and get cracking!

These are just 4 ways in which you can do on World Pet Memorial Day. You can make use of any of these, or think about something yourself and try and observe this important day. Take care, and stay safe.