Best Dog Beaches You Should Visit on Labor Day


The Labor Day is an occasion which is celebrated annually on the first Monday of September month with the main objective of celebrating the achievements of all the workers out there. The event is immensely popular and much-awaited by one and all providing a welcome opportunity for a possible excursion. It also provides dog lovers a welcome opportunity to spend some quality time with their beloved furry munchkins which is usually not possible due to hectic work lives. One would certainly be hard-pressed to imagine a better celebration than spending the day on a nearby “dog beach”.

Dog beaches refer to certain beaches which exclusively take into consideration every need and desire of our loyal friends from dog-friendly cafes and restaurants to surfing competitions along uninterrupted stretches of land. There are many amongst us who are not aware that dog beaches came into existence simply because our four-legged companions were not welcome in many different regular beaches all around the world.

While some felt that dogs soil the sand with their excreta, urine, others held a baffling argument that the presence of dogs on beaches is nothing short of a hindrance to humans. This scenario was a cause of major concern for dog owners and lovers who found it difficult to enjoy the scenic beauty of a beach along with their furry munchkins whose presence they deemed invaluable to enjoy the complete experience.

However, the situation is not as grim anymore with the declaration of certain beaches around the world exclusively as “Dog Beaches”. With the Labor Day fast approaching, it is certainly a good idea to take a look at some of these dog beaches considered among the best which can guarantee an invaluable experience for the two of you:

1. Fort Myers Beach, Florida:

The beautiful beach is one of the most scenic and awe-inspiring dog beaches out there for dogs who wish to spend quality time inside the water enjoying the coolness or even on the sand by walking around with their owners. The beach-based in Florida is extremely well-maintained with complete focus on cleanliness making it a sure-shot option for a dog owner.

2. Fort De Soto Park, Florida:

Hailed by many as arguably one of the most well-organized and beautiful dog beaches in the USA, Fort De Soto Park ensures the perfect environment for your Fido. It is a sight to behold with many deeming it as the “perfect dog destination”. It is advisable to witness the glory of the beach during the spring season when the weather is at its finest.

3. Cannon Beach, Oregon:

The beach has been labeled by many as a paradise on earth for dogs out there with the glorious weather and presence of pet-friendly accommodations as well. Dogs can easily spend some time enjoying the water and splash around with their owners before coming back and taking rest on the beach. The top-quality facilities available for both humans and canines alike help ensure the ultimate experience for your furry munchkin.

4. Huntington Dog Beach – CA

Americans are well known for their desire to spend quality time at the beach, lazing around with sunglasses, well-rested on a chair.

This beach offers the same experience to canines with facilities with dog surfing competitions and canine weddings a common feature meeting all the needs and requirements of a dog and his owner.

Dogs also need to spend quality time out in the open in order to de-stress themselves after spending most of their time at home. We would recommend you to certainly consider these dog beaches as the perfect Labor Day destination for both you and your pooch.

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