Global Cat Day – Unearth the Top 5 Prevailing Facts about Cats


Cats are all around and their love overwhelming by purring out the goblet full of enchanting things. People love cats either for their cuddling nature or astonishing acts, though on the other side of the coin, some lack compassion and an eye to look at cats especially feral cats from a different angle. And, this has paved a way to Global Cat Day. The day is marked for the safety of feral cats and their well being. Whether we love or hate, cat’s love for us is always steady. Through centuries, numerous stunning cat facts are running down the streams of societies and today we may find some of them as interesting or bizarre.

So, let’s unearth the untouched facts about cats this Global Cat Day and find how people in different places around the world consider cats.

Chinese People Offer Cats Great Reverence

Chinese regards cats in the highest position.  In the last few decades, the idea of “Zhao Cai Mao” (meaning cats that bring fortune) became popular in China. Moreover, the store owners in China keep a cat, or cat sculpture at the front desk wishing to get more business.

Indians Find Cats Inauspicious

According to Indian mythology, cats are considered inauspicious as they bring misfortune in a house. Therefore, people are not encouraged in keeping a cat as a pet. However, some do keep cats in order to get rid of rats and pigeons.

Egyptians Worshipped Cats As Gods

Egypt is a place where cats are always worshipped. In ancient Egypt, cats were respected and given highest position. And, the penalties for killing or even injuring were too severe. They used to worship a cat goddess, which often represented half feline and half woman. Moreover, cats were praised due to their special qualities of controlling vermin and the ability to kill snakes such as cobras, they became a symbol of grace.

Black Cats Norm

Most European countries consider the Black cat as a symbol of bad luck. Specifically, if a black cat walks across the path in front of a person, which is believed to be a curse or an omen bringing bad luck or at extremes death. Particularly in Germany, some believe that it is a bad omen if a black cat crosses a person’s path.

Cats are Good Luck in Japan

A saying – “Maneki Neko” goes well in Japan, which in English is referred to a cat that bestows good fortune. A cat with raising paw is considered as good luck and is believed that keeping a cat structure at home or in office brings good luck to the owner.

Myths and cultural beliefs will always be prevailing, evolving and changing as the cycle of time moves, but what remains inevitable is the love of cat. Whether we believe or not, cats are cute and always lovable. They are the supplier of unconditional love in your life.

Thus, let’s celebrate this Global Cat Day unwaveringly for the betterment of cats.

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