International Cat Day 2018- 5 Wonderful Games To Play With Your Kitty

If you are wondering how you can celebrate International Cat Day this year, we have the best solution for you. Cats are attention seekers and love to be in the spotlight. Giving quality time and playing with them can thus make them feel really special. They certainly feel they are being cared and loved when you put extra efforts to show your boundless love towards these munchkins. So, extend your play time with your kitty this International Cat Day and celebrate the companionship she has been offering you all these years.

5 Best Games To Play With Your Kitty

 Crumpled Paper

Cats are very inquisitive about everything. Their ears instantly stand upright in amazement with any crinkling sound of the paper or toys. So take a paper, crumple it in front of her and toss it away for your cat to run and catch it. This play keeps her active and consumed indirectly giving her the daily dose of exercise.

Red Laser Light

That moving red laser dot on the wall or furniture just makes your kitty go for it. She will try to chase that dot and grab it. Make sure you keep it low so it is reachable for a cat to paw. Keep it moving in different directions and watch her jump and climb with her full efforts.

New Squeezo Toys

Toys that squeeze and make sounds are interesting to make your kitty busy. They love to have new things so bringing in new toys will perk up her mood. She will appreciate your efforts for the new gifts.

Hunting Games with Boxes

Everybody has cartons at home. You can use these cartons to make a tunnel or a labyrinth for the kitty. Hide her favorite treat inside one of the boxes and let her find it. Your kitty will definitely be much happier playing this find a game. It will also be helpful if you want her to eat her food or supplement.

Play Hide And Seek

Need some exercise for yourself? Play hide and seek with your furry feline. Run to hide when your kitty is staring at you. She will come to seek you immediately.

Involving pets in games has been regarded as energizing and invigorating for their health. And if they are of her interest, it will help your kitty to bond with you more. So, assemble all your props and get ready to have some fun time with your feline friend on this International Cat Day occasion. Let’s play in the spirit of cats! 😉

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