What Is Animal Cruelty And How To Stop It?

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

Though we work towards preventing cruelty to animals for the entire year, in April, we pay extra attention to this cause. Animals can’t speak for themselves; thus, it’s you who have to listen to their unspoken pleas. They must be suffering from abuse, which you can find out only when you pay heed to the little signs. In a world where everyone is too busy to focus on other things, let us, as humans, take an initiative towards stopping cruelty towards animals. These animals make the world a better place for us, so the least we could do is keep them protected from abuse and emotional suffering.

Let us see how badly the abuse and cruelty affect the animals, both physically and mentally.

Animal Cruelty – A harsh reality that animals have to face every day

It is unbelievable and heartbreaking when you realize that thousands of animals are getting abused every day. Humans are taking these voiceless, innocent creatures for granted by imposing physical abuse on them. Such practices should not even be frowned upon; they need to be stopped at any cost. Any kind of animal abuse is not acceptable, thus it’s our responsibility to protect the innocence and kind-heartedness of these animals around us.

Types of Animal Cruelty

  • Poisoning
  • Abandoning the animal
  • Burning them
  • Hoarding animals
  • Physical abuse
  • Shooting
  • Torturing animals

Signs an Animal Is Suffering From Abuse

  • Appearing weak and dehydrated
  • Visible open wounds and injuries on the body
  • Suffering from illness such as bumpy skin or heavy discharge from eyes or nose
  • Infested with fleas and ticks
  • The owner physically abusing the animal
  • The dog kept outside without any shelter
  • The dog acting aggressively when approached

Reasons behind Animal Cruelty

  • Some people practice cruelty and abuse on animals just out of spite and malice, which makes us question humanity and what impact it is having on the animals.
  • Some people have been abused and think that it is completely fine to inflict the pain onto animals. This way of thinking is also responsible for animal cruelty.
  • Sometimes, it’s the negligence that results in animal cruelty. Like, leaving the pet outdoors during extreme weather can have a bad impact on a dog, which pet owners often overlook.

Standing Up Against Animal Cruelty

  • Whenever you notice any dog getting physically abused, don’t hesitate to ask for help or report it to animal control officer. You might think that someone else will do it, but if something wrong is happening in front of your eyes, it’s vital to take necessary action against it.
  • Ensure you gather sufficient evidence by taking pictures and videos to support your claim. The more detail you possess, the easier it will be to provide justice to animals.
  • If the situation is severe and the dog seems to be in danger, contact the police as soon as you can. Even a minute of delay can cost you the life of an innocent animal.
  • Many animal cruelty prevention organizations work toward rescuing such animals and providing a healthy environment to them.
  • Be alert when dealing with animal abusers. Consider whether it’s safe to confront him or reporting the person to the animal control officer.

We live in a world where such inhumane practices are still prevalent. Therefore, if you are a pet owner or love animals, we advise you to stand up against animal cruelty! Moreover, those dogs and other animals are in dire need of permanent homes, so always prefer to adopt rather than shop for a pet! Also, pass on this article to your friends and families so even they can be aware of animal cruelty and help towards the greater cause.

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