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Advantage for Dogs

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Advantage for Dogs

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Buy Advantage Flea Treatment for Dogs

Advantage for dogs is an amazing topical treatment that eliminates fleas and lice. Within 12 hours of application, it kills 98-100% of fleas on the dog’s body. It is an efficient treatment, which is waterproof also, and works greatly even after the pets get wet. It is suited on all breeds of dogs and protects the dogs from flea borne diseases.

It consists of Imidacloprid as its active ingredient, eliminates, and controls all the fleas in the surroundings of the dogs.

  • Stand your pet in a comfortable position.
  • Part the pet’s fur between the shoulder blades.
  • Squeeze out the entire content of the applicator at the spot.
  • For large dogs – make 4-5 spots starting from the base of the skull to the tail. Apply the contents of the tube on these spots.

Advantage for dogs is available in various color-coded packs as given below:

  • For puppies and small dogs (between 1-10lbs) – Green pack
  • For medium sized dogs (between11-20 lbs) – Aqua pack
  • For large dogs (between 21-55 lbs) – Red pack
  • For extra large dogs (above 55 lbs) – Blue pack

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review post


Aug 09, 20

very impressed

I liked this product because my little guy didn't seem to have the weird skin sensation they can get as a side effect sometimes from topical flea treatments. Also it kept fleas away even longer than the 30-day recommended time period. Very impressed.

review post


Jun 24, 20

Flea problem

super warrior for controlling flea infestatiiions in our huskie,

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