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Revolution for Cats

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Revolution for Cats is a vet-grade protection against internal as well as external parasites. It is highly effective in preventing heartworm disease and treats a flea infestation. The spot-on treatment also helps in treating ear mites and chewing lice. Revolution contains powerful ingredient – Selamectin, which is unique and specially designed for cats. The topical solution applied once helps in controlling flea infestation and heartworm infection. Revolution kills adult fleas and destroys flea eggs and larvae. It treats intestinal worms including roundworms and hookworms. The monthly treatment lasts for 30 days and is waterproof in 2 hours. It is safe to administer to cats and kittens.

  • Select the pack according to your cat weight.
  • Apply once a month.
  • Part the hair between your pet’s shoulder blades and apply the contents of a tube of the proper dose to the skin.
  • Dosage is dependent on weight.

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Aug 07, 18

Effective Treatment

Revolution is effective and kills all fleas very efficiently. It is certainly an amazing product.


Jul 31, 18

Excellent Product with quality

We have consistently used the product on our cat since it became available in the market. We have faced no problems so far and will continue to use it.

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