MEDPET 4 IN 1 Powder
MEDPET 4 IN 1 Powder

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MEDPET 4 IN 1 Powder for Birds

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MedPet 4 IN 1 Powder for Pigeons and Caged Birds

MedPet 4 In 1 powder is an efficient broad spectrum treatment for racing pigeons and birds. The oral treatment is effective against major diseases such as canker, e-coli paratyphoid and coccidiosis. MedPet 4-in-1 powder is used for the treatment of gastrointestinal worm infection and helps control diarrhea. The oral formulation is an ideal treatment when firm diagnosis is still pending. It is safe and highly affordable.

MedPet 4 IN 1 Powder

For Treatment

  • Mix one teaspoon to one gallon of drinking water for 7 consecutive days.
  • Repeat the treatment if necessary for few days.

For Prevention

Mix 5 grams (1 teaspoon) to 4 liters of drinking water for 4 consecutive days.

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MEDPET 4 IN 1 Powder

MEDPET 4 IN 1 Powder

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review post


Mar 20, 18

Very useful product

Thanks Canada vet care for delivering this product to me. It really does what it says.

review post


Mar 13, 18

Must Have Item

This stuff is great and does its job well. It protects my birds from gastrointestinal worms and shows no side effects!


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