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Meditrich for Birds

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Buy Meditrich for Pigeon Canker Treatment

Meditrich is a single dose treatment of Trichomoniasis (pigeon canker) in raptors and pigeons. It is highly effective in controlling the infection and protecting the birds from harmful effects. The active ingredient Metronidazole efficiently works against Trichomoniasis in pigeons and raptors. The ingredient present in Meditrich is insoluble in water, which can cause severe regurgitation when dosed in pure form. Therefore, with innovative ‘MedPet Cellulose Coating’, Meditrich tablet is developed that overcomes both these problems. One tablet dosed to pigeons can cure up to 93% of Trichomoniasis cases. It is safe to be given to racing pigeons and birds including young birds.

  • Dose youngsters on the day of weaning.
  • Administer 1 tablet of Meditrich per pigeon monthly during the racing season.
  • Treat with Medizole and Meditrich alternatively to prevent parasites becoming resistant to treatment.

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Sep 07, 21

Very effective and easy to use

Meditrich is very easy to administer and is effective. We loved it.

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Jul 21, 21

Highly effective treatment for birds

Highly effective treatment for birds

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