Eraquell Eraquell wormer paste treats in opposition to maximum common worms except for tapeworm & encysted small redworms. purchase Eraquell horse wormer paste at decrease fees with free shipping.

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Eraquell for Horses

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Eraquell is  a potent and splendid horse wormer, which has broad spectrum action on bots and worms. This product is an oral formulation. The consistency of the paste is thick. It shows its effectiveness by eradicating the roundworms in the stomach and intestines, large strongyles , small strongyles (adults), hairworms, pinworms. The main ingredient of the formulation is ivermectin, which eliminates several kinds of internal worms like roundworms, neck threadworms and stomach bots.

  • Weigh your horse for the correct treatment
  • Give the correct dosage according to the weight of the dog.
  • Always ensure there is no food in horse’s mouth.
  • The syringe must be positioned between the front and back teeth and the paste must be placed on the base of the horse’s tongue.
  • Immediately elevate the head of the horse for a few seconds to ensure deglutition.
  • Re-treatment should be done according to the epidemiological situation, but not at less than 30 days interval.

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