Joint Stress
Joint Stress

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Joint Stress

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Buy Joint Stress for Dogs & Cats

Joint stress is a revolution in the field of homeopathic medicines for dogs and cats. The liquid formulation is completely safe and non irritant. It temporarily eases the pain and discomfort related joints. Additionally, it works on overexertion related joint stress, pain of lower back and joint areas. In short, it is a reliable and safe formulation for maintaining the joint’s health in dogs and cats.

  • Administer the dose directly into the mucous membrane of the mouth including lips
  • For dogs just put out the labial pouch and administer the drops and in cats by just raising the head
  • Mix it with food or water If it is distressing for pet
  • Wait for 10-20 minutes, for complete dilution and evaporation as the alcoholic preservative
  • It can be administered directly if in case it is distressful for your pet than it can be administered by mixing with food
  • If excessive salivation is seen then alternatively you can use the formulation by spraying  around them


Weight – Drops per dose

Animals less than 1 lb - 2 in at least 8 oz of water
1 to 20 – 5

21 to 60 – 10

61 to 100 – 15

Over 100 - 20

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Joint Stress

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Jan 12, 18

Walking normally without any stress

Day by day my Chihuahua becomes too fatty. And he becomes the victim of joint stress. After using joint stress my dog walks normally without any stress.