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Nexgard is an excellent and easy to dose oral treatment for dogs. It is a unique scientific blend of ingredients that shows its efficiency within 8 hours of administration. The taste of the chew is relished by the pets as it is beef flavored. It destroys 100% adult fleas within 24 hours and ticks in 48 hours. The month long effective treatment prevents future infestations as well.

It consists of Afoxolaner as its active ingredient hence killing the parasites by disrupting their nervous systems and paralyzing them. The ingredient mixes with the pet’s blood stream in 8 hours. When the external parasites bite the treated pets, they consume this lethal ingredient and get eliminated due to hyper-excitation of nervous system. It also kills off the life stages of the insects thus providing complete protection for the dog.

  • Purchase the correct pack according to the dog’s weight.
  • The ideal administration dosage is 2.7-6.9 mg/Kg bodyweight.
  • Give the tablet directly to the pet’s mouth.
  • If the pet resists taking the tablet directly then mix it with his food. Ensure that the pet completes his food for proper effectiveness.
  • For dogs weighing above 50 kgs of weight, give appropriate combination of tablets after consulting with the vet.

The various color coded pack are:

  • Orange – for dogs weighing between 2-4 kgs
  • Blue – for dogs weighing between 4.1-10 kgs
  • Purple – for dogs weighing between 10.1–25 kgs
  • Red – for dogs weighing between 25.1–50 kgs

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Apr 19, 19

Very easy treatment

This beef flavored tablet is loved by all three of my dogs. And is very effective.


Feb 25, 19

Very easy to use

The chewables are tasty enough to reduce my efforts of feeding him

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