Medpet Viroban
Medpet Viroban

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Medpet Viroban

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Buy Medpet VIROBAN 500G for Racing Pigeons and Birds

Viroban by Medpet is an exemplary megavitamin combination nutritional supplement. It helps in making racing pigeons and cage birds less prone to viral diseases. This easy-to-use water-soluble formula is designed to ‘aid’ in the treatment of viral diseases by strengthening the immune system. Obtained from a leading avian virologist in Europe, this efficient immune stimulant is to be administered regularly during viral outbreaks. The product is also suitable to be used as a preventive once or twice a week.

  • Take 1 liter of drinking water and add 5 grams (1 level measure (included)) of Viroban Powder.
  • Administer the same dose for 7 consecutive days.
  • You must initiate administration directly after an antibiotic course and may continue it till the day before basketing.
  • You can also add other vitamins or mineral supplements (except iron)

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Medpet Viroban

Medpet Viroban

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No more virus

It helps to keep viral diseases away from my birides. Nice product


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