Antezole Liquid Suspension
Antezole Liquid Suspension for Cats

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Antezole Liquid Suspension for Cats

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Antezole Liquid Suspension – Oral Deworming Suspension for Dogs and Cats

Antezole Liquid Suspension is a potent dewormer. It is a potent anthelmintic formula which eradicates roundworms and hookworms. This formulation works on the principle of pyrantel pamoate, which is a main ingredient of the formulation. This is a proven safe formulation. It provides full protection for 3 months. For better results, dogs should be deworm every 3 months. This formulation comes in bottle with dispenser. Antezole suspension is proven safe for puppies.

  • Read carefully the instructions written on the package.
  • Formulation is meant to administer orally.
  • Administer directly into the mouth or otherwise you can give it by mixing with food.
  • Fasting is not required prior to administration.

Dosage for dogs and cats are:

  1. For dogs: 1ml per 10kg (22 lbs) of body weight
  2. For cats: 1ml for 5kg (11 lbs) of body weight



  1. For puppies from 1 week of age and dogs 4kg and less (½ ml)
  2. Dogs of 10kg and less (1ml)
  3. Dogs between 10kg and 20kg (2ml)


  1. Kittens from 1 week of age and cats 1 kg and less (½ ml)
  2. Cats of 2.5kg and less (1ml)
  3. Cats between 2.5kg and 5kg (2ml)

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Antezole Liquid Suspension

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Sep 17, 18

Worth recommending

It’s a type of product that I will recommend everybody without any hesitation. It has given a big relief to my cat Barbie. I tried several other products and I couldn’t get 100% result but this one just matched my expectations and relieved my barbie.


Sep 11, 18

Palatable formulation

The dewormer is extremely safe and has played a key role in providing relief to my cat Jimmy from roundworms and hookworms. Thank You!

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