Antrovet Elevite Plus
Antrovet Elevite Plus

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Antrovet Elevite Plus

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Antrovet Elevite Plus Animal Supplement

Antrovet Elevite Plus is a vitamin, mineral, and electrolyte supplement for assisting animals suffering from diarrhea, parasitic infections, and feedlot stress. It is formulated with 13+ vitamins, 17+ amino acids, and electrolytes which enhance the immunity and muscle development of animals. It also helps promote relaxation during stressful events like traveling. Elevite Plus is indicated for cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, horses, and game.

For additional supplementation into complete feed

Add 1kg per ton of animal feed.

For additional supplementation into drinking water

Add 100g per 200 liters of water.

For animals in a weakened state

Add 100g per 100L of drinking water.

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Antrovet Elevite Plus

Antrovet Elevite Plus

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Amino acid supplement

Got an excellent deal on the product and its formula is actually very promising


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