Anxiety TFLN
Anxiety TFLN

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Anxiety TFLN

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Anxiety TFLN for Homeopathics

Anxiety TFLN is a potent homeopathic product meant for dogs and cats. This is basically a chemical free product which helps them to stay away from stress by calming and suppressing the anxiety induced in them. It's powerful effects ceases the fear induced in dogs/cats due to firework, winder storms and it help in buffering the noises dog/cats hear from the atmospheric changes. The formula is totally non-sedating and safe. The amazing formulation is natural and aids barking, whining, cowering, trembling and certain destructive behavior in cats. This product comes in liquid form and should be administered orally only. This is a complete safe and approved formulation for dogs and cats

  • Administer directly into mouth including lips also
  • Raise the head of the container until you see the open mouth of the dog/cat
  • Wait till 10-20 minutes, until it gets dilute and evaporated in case if your cat is sensitive towards alcohol preservative
  • If your cat finds it difficult this way then you can mix the formulation with milk or food
  • You can give 4 doses every 15 minutes as per the need. Most probably during fireworks.
  • Use this treatment only when your pet is anxious

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Anxiety TFLN

Anxiety TFLN

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Sep 24, 20

wonderful product

Fully satisfied with this product.

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Aug 27, 20


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