Arthrimed Tablets
Arthrimed Tablets for Cats

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Cat Supplies >> Joint Care 2024-03-08

Arthrimed Tablets for Cats

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Arthrimed Tablets for Cats – Joint Supplement Tablets

Arthrimed Tablets helps maintain healthy joints in cats. The joint supplement keeps the tendons and joints healthy. These tablets is developed with unique blend of natural ingredients, which help keep cartilage matrix. The tablets supply the required components for the optimal functioning of joints. Arthrimed Tablets provide strength to joints and improves mobility in senior cats. The joint supplement is effective in reducing joint pain and inflammation as well as lowers the chances of arthritis in aging cats. It is easy to dose and highly palatable.

  • Should be given orally or crushed and mixed with food.
  • Ensure the complete dosage is taken when mixed with food.
  • Administer once a day as per dosage.
  • Continue treatment for 4 weeks.

Dosage for Dogs:

  • Small dogs 1-10kgs (2.2 – 22lbs) -> 1 tab per day
  • Medium dogs 11-20kgs (22 – 44 lbs) -> 2 tabs per day
  • Large dogs 21-40kgs (44 – 88 lbs) -> 3 tabs per day
  • Giant dogs above 41kgs (88 lbs) -> 4 tabs per day

Dosage for Cats:

  • Small Cats 1 - 3kgs (2.2- 6.6 lbs) -> 1/2 tab per day
  • Large Cats above 4kgs (6.6 lbs) -> 1 tab per day

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Arthrimed Tablets

Arthrimed Tablets

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Worked great for my cat's stiff joints. Now she walks like a Queen!

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Wonderful product.. great effects

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