Canigest Oral Paste
Canigest Oral Paste

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Canigest Oral Paste

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Canigest Digestive Supplement for Dogs & Cats

Canigest is a digestive supplement that helps restore intestinal microflora in cats and dogs. It is a roasted beefy-flavored paste with nutrients that balances the gut microbiome, heals stomach upsets, and cures diarrhea. Canigest contains fructo oligosaccharides and mannan oligosaccharides that increase the number of good bacteria in the gut. The kaolin and pectin present in the paste helps in soothing digestive upsets, and the bacteria Enterococcus faecium helps with antidiarrheal therapy.

  • Dose the paste directly into the pet’s mouth or mix with their food.
  • For Puppies and Cats: Feed 1-2ml 2-3 times per day.
  • For Adult Dogs: Feed 2-5ml 2-3 times per day.

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Canigest Oral Paste

Canigest Oral Paste

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Digestive Care

USed this for the first time and got great results for my fido's digestive health.


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