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Capstar for Dogs

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Buy Capstar flea Treatment for Dogs

Capstar is an oral treatment designed for dogs and has very potent effects. It is a fast relief giver that efficiently eliminates all the fleas within 4 hours of administration. The effect of Capstar last long for 24 hours and can be administered whenever fleas are observed near the dogs.

The active ingredient present in the Capstar tablet is Nitenpyram, which is a powerful insecticide. It starts its action in 30 minutes and protects the dogs from flea infestations.

  • Purchase the Capstar tablets according to the weight of the dog.
  • Administer the tablet in the dog’s mouth.
  • If not able to feed directly, mix the oral treatment with the dog’s feed.
  • Ensure the dog completes his entire feed in order for the treatment to work effectively.
  • Administer one tablet per day.
  • Treat your dog with Capstar at any time of the day when you observe fleas.
  • You can continue the treatment whenever re-infestation occurs.


  • For dogs weighing between 1-11kg – Administer 1 tablet of 11.4 mg
  • For dogs weighing between 11.1-57kg – Administer 1 tablet of 57 mg
  • For dogs weighing above 57kgs – Administer 2 tablets of 57 mg

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Apr 02, 18


It is a great product. I give this to my dog as an alternative flea treatment.


Mar 29, 18

Fastest Flea Treatment

My dog Rocky was heavily infested with fleas. Someone advised me to use this product. And yes it works and works fast.

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