Cazitel Plus
Cazitel Plus for Dogs

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Cazitel Plus for Dogs

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Buy Cazitel Plus Tablets for Dogs

Cazitel Plus is a highly reliable and eminent oral formulation in the field of dewormers. This is potent dewormer for common types of worms and works instantly after just single administration of tablet. Whipworm, roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms are some gastrointestinal worms, which causes some mixed infections in dogs. Cazitel has all the superb qualities as well as a good blend of ingredients to curb this problem. It has praziquantel, which paralyzes the worm present in dogs and pyrantel for removing the worm from dog’s body. It works on some infection-causing species like Nematodes, cestodes. This oral formulation is well suited on puppies.

  • Weigh your dog before administering the dose
  • The dose administered should be according to the dog’s weight
  • Mix the tablet along with the food otherwise you can directly give it with water
  • Don’t put your dog on fasting as it is not required prior the treatment


  • Half a kg to 2kg - Give a quarter of a tablet
  • 3kg to 5kg - half a tablet
  • 6kg to 10kg -one tablet
  • 11kg to15kg - one and a half tablets
  • 16kg to 20kg -two tablets
  • 21kg to 25kg - two and a half tablets
  • 26kg to 30kg - three tablets
  • 31kg to 35kg - three and a half tablets
  • 36kg to 40kg - four tablets

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Cazitel Plus

Cazitel Plus

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Excellent wormer. Definitely I’ll repurchase this again.

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Best product

Great buy. Thank you canadavetcare

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