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Coximed Coximed is the ultimate solution for treating Coccidiosis in Pigeons & raptors.one single dose treats 98% of Coccidiosis cases. Buy now! & Get Free Shipping on all products in the USA.

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Coximed for Birds

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Buy Coximed - Coccidiosis Treatment for Pigeons

Coximed is an ultimate formulation for treating Coccidiosis in pigeons and raptors. The oral tablet is designed with double the strength. One single dose treats 98% of Coccidiosis cases. The oral treatment does not have any negative effects and is easy to dose. It contains the active ingredient - Diclazuril, which is highly effective against Coccidiosis infection in pigeons and raptors. This scientifically proven formula is recommended to youngsters after weaning to control risk of infection. Coximed is also the best alternative Medicox to help prevent resistance build-up. This double strength formulation is safe for pigeons and raptors. It is highly cost effective and more affordable than any other tablets.

  • Use as directed in the pack insert.
  • For Racing Pigeons: Dose one tablet per pigeon once a month during the racing season.
  • For Breeding Pigeons: Dose one tablet per pigeon once a month during the breeding season.
  • For Young Pigeons: Dose all young pigeons with one tablet the day after weaning.
  • For Sick Pigeons: Dose all sick pigeons with one tablet, and treatment after 10 days.
  • During severe worm infestations, it is recommended to repeat the dosage after 2 weeks.

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Jun 10, 20


Worked like a charm, Best results

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May 21, 20

wether it will work

wether it will work

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