Derma Creme
Derma Creme for Dogs

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Derma Creme for Dogs

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Derma Gel Skin Care for Small Animals

Derma Gel for small animals is a popular skincare treatment that aids in a variety of skin conditions in dogs and cats. Made in an easy-to-use topical formula, this application comprises high-quality ingredients to promote healthy skin and coat. Derma Gel relaxes moist skin irritations and relieves itching. It is gentle on the pet's skin and promotes skin regeneration.

  • Clean the application site on the pet’s skin. A pet shampoo can be used for this procedure.
  • Rinse well and let the skin dry.
  • If needed, cut long hair.
  • Apply Derma Gel gently on the pet's skin.
  • Use this topical application one or two times a day or as indicated by the veterinarian.

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Derma Creme

Derma Creme

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Skin Care

Outstanding skin care product I have ever used for my furry friend. It helped me to soothe my Bary's dry and itchy skin with a single application.


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