Derma Creme
Derma Creme

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Horse Supplies >> Skin Care 2024-06-03

Derma Creme for Horses

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Derma Creme Skin Care For Horses

Derma Creme for Horses is an easy-to-use skin care treatment that aids horses in a variety of skin conditions. This topical application is made of high-quality ingredients to promote healthy skin and coat. Derma Creme effectively removes crusts and scales, thus maintaining skin hygiene. It eases dry, cracked, and scaly skin. This topical application for horses hydrates dry skin and relaxes itching. The formula removes dead skin cells and promotes skin renewal.

  • Clean the application site on the horse's skin. Use horse shampoo if needed.
  • Let the animal's skin get dry.
  • Cut/trim long hair if required.
  • Apply Derma Creme on the animal's skin.
  • Use Derma Creme once or twice daily or as suggested by the vet.

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Derma Creme

Derma Creme

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Big Thanks

Finally I found this product at an amazing price here. My stallions are use to this product. Thanks!


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