Dermaclens for Cats

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Dermaclens for Cats

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Buy Dermaclens Wound Care Treatment for Cats.

Dermaclens is an excellent antiseptic formulation for cats. This wound care cream treats abrasion, wounds, cuts and skin irritation. The irritation due suture is relieved and recovered by soothing effect of Dermaclens. It promotes faster healing and regenerates the tissues. The non toxic cream is highly effective in removing the necrotic tissue, cogulum and debris cells from wounds. Dermaclens forms a protective layer and aids in healing. It is safe on both cats and kittens and has no possible side effects.

  • Remove the dirt by cleaning the wound with clean water and cotton wool
  • After opening the pack apply a thin layer of Dermaclens on the wounded area
  • Apply the cream properly
  • Use the cream regularly
  • Use the cream twice a day as per professionals advice

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Best wound healer ever

Best wound healer ever. My kitty's wounds got healed in just a few days of application!

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Regulates Quick Healing

The wound care cream ensures quick results on all types of wounds. I purchased it for my cat Ronny and have never regretted the decision.

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