Dermavet for Cats DermaVet Wound care Treatments for cats effective for Topical Application. This is Antifungal & anti-inflammatory Cream for different kind of skin issues like lesions, abrasions, cut and wounds. Shop Now! Get Discount + Free Shipping in the USA.

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Cat Supplies >> Wound Care 2023-06-24

Dermavet for Cats

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Buy Dermavet Wound Care Protection for Cats

Dermavet is a soothing and supple formulation in the field of dog product. It is an outstanding treatment meant for topical application. This cream is approved antiseptic and anti-infective agent, which prevent cats from itchy conditions and also effective in different dermatological conditions. It is a good relief against skin disorders like lesions, wounds and bacterial infection in cats. The active ingredients of the product contains cooling and analgesic properties. This blend of ingredients provides therapy against organisms responsible for external bacterial infections and ear infections. Suitable for wide variety of breeds in dog.

  • Firsltly, clean the wound or the affected area meticulously with help of clean water for removing the dirt
  • Open the pack and slowly apply a thin layer of Dermavet on the wound
  • Keep the amount of cream according to the depth and severity of wound

For cystic glands- Reduce the glands by clearing it and then fill cream into them

For ear infection- Clean the ear with ear drops and then apply cream on the infected area

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Worth Buying

Dermavet is a great antiseptic to have it in her first-aid kit.

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Anti-septic for pets

a must have for your pet, can be applied on wounds and relives itchiness

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